Ametalin ThermalFloor Foil Insulation

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Ametalin ThermalFloor Insulation is suitable for both new and existing homes. This reflective foam underfloor insulation product has weep holes for liquid water drainage.

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Ametalin ThermalFloor Insulation

Ametalin ThermalFloor Insulation is used for new and existing buildings and should be installed with a sealed air space between the flooring material and enclosed sub-floor space. Ametalin ThermaFloor is a 2 in 1 insulation and moisture management system with a double-sided reflective surface. Weep holes in the material structure ensure that water and water vapour can permeate through the material and this helps to prevent a build=up in moisture under the flooring.

Benefits of Ametalin ThermalFloor Insulation

  • Extra Heavy Duty, double-sided reflective foam underfloor insulation
  • For use under floors with a sealed air space between flooring and enclosed sub-floor space
  • Made with rigid high-density XPE foam; resists flapping with open sub-floor
  • Weep holes for liquid water drainage; reduces condensation risk
  • Contributes a reflective R-value when installed adjacent to an air cavity
  • Reduces draughts through strip flooring
  • Fibre-free and non-allergenic
  • Helps achieve 6-star house energy rating
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