Ametalin Brane VHP Vapour Permeable Wall Wrap

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Ametalin Brane VHP is a Class 4 vapour permeable, water barrier and moisture control wall wrap for high quality, triple layer constructions.


Ametalin Brane VHP Wall Wrap

Ametalin Brane VHP wall wrap can be installed behind fibre cement and timber cladding in most Australian climates*. This light duty vapour permeable wall wrap is used in typical brick veneer and double brick walls. This product has a Very High Permeance (VHP), which means that it allows very high levels of condensation to escape from the wall structure. Ametalin Brane VHP can be used in conjunction with treated timbers and is suitable for coastline homes. It can also be installed as an air barrier in unlined areas such as attics. This product is made with an advanced three-layer construction including two tough outer layers of spun-bonded fabric and an inner core of VHP membrane.

Benefits of Ametalin Brane VHP Vapour Permeable Wall Wrap

  • Class 4 Vapour Permeable, Water Barrier and Air Permeable moisture control wall wrap
  • Advanced triple-layer construction
  • For use behind timber and fibre cement cladding
  • Also for use in cavity wall systems in climate zones 2*-8
  • Advanced water and vapour control membrane
  • Prevents condensation-related issues like mould and structural problems
  • Guaranteed Water Barrier tested in accordance to AS/NZS 4200.1:2017
  • Available in 2.74 m width for quicker installation
  • Low flammability, suitable for use in bushfire-prone areas
*Please Note: Please check cladding manufacturer’s requirements before installation. Brane® VHP is NOT recommended for this application in the humid tropics – NCC Climate Zone 1 and regions north of the Tropic of Capricorn in Climate Zone 2; for these regions, Class 2 Vapour Barriers including Ametalin ThermalBreak range, SilverSark® xR and SilverWrap™ are recommended instead.

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1350mm x 30m (40.5m2), 1500mm x 30m (45m2), 2740mm x 30m(82.20m2)

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