Energy Efficiency

In an average Australian home heating and cooling accounts for around 38% of energy used.

When your house is uninsulated much of the energy that is put into heating and cooling your home is wasted as it ecapes through your walls and ceilings, which means your heater or air conditioner has to work longer and harder to maintain a comfortable temperature inside.

Insulation works by “trapping” air

Heat is lost by convection and conduction through the walls and roof of a building. Earthwool insulation ‘traps’ air and slows down convection thereby reducing heat loss and gain. Knauf Insulation’s advanced technology produces very soft and long strands of wool which “trap” air more effectively to save even more energy.

By not using heating or air conditioning as much you can make significant savings.

Compared to an uninsulated home, you could save up to 48%* of the costs of heating and cooling, reducing your energy bills as well as adding to the resale value of your home. For commercial buildings, the savings can also be significant.

In a building, the larger the temperature difference between the inside and the outside, the higher the R-value the insulation needs to be to reduce heat flow.

By adding Earthwool insulation above minimum building requirements whether in commercial or residential space significantly increases energy savings, and enhances the overall quality of your indoor environment.